HANSER | Smell Proof Odorless Mylar Bags with clear Window | 100 Pieces

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✔ PREMIUM TIGHT RESEALABLE CLOSURE - Keeps all water and moisture out and any odors in when sealed! The seal snaps shut so tight you will never question whether the bag is open or closed ever again!

✔ PERFECT FOR LONG TERM FOOD STORAGE - the mylar design keeps contents inside fresher for longer compared to a regular zip bag! You can store coffee, rice, beans, tea leaves, herbs, spices, and much more for longer periods of time without them spoiling.

✔ HEAT-SEALABLE FOR 100% SMELL PROOF CAPABILITY - in case you need to ensure that no smell leaks! This will also ensure that the bags have not been previously opened.

✔ OUR DURABLE 110-MICRON THICKNESS MATERIAL - will protect your goodies against dry climates whether you’re out camping, hiking, or just need premium mylar bags to store your food in.

✔ 100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE - If you don’t absolutely love them, we will refund you every last penny! If anything is wrong with your order at all please email us and we will take care of it right away!